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Mitsui Homes

Mitsui Homes Canada (movie about Mitsui Homes)

Mitsui Homes Canada Inc. (MHCI) was founded in 1992, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitsui Home Co. Ltd.—the largest builder of 2x4 “platform-frame” single-family homes in Japan.

In 1994 MHCI built a manufacturing plant on a 12.5 acre property in Langley, B.C. for the purpose of purchasing, processing, inventorying, quality-controlling and shipping over 100 million board feet of lumber and 8 million square feet of OSB panels annually to its parent company in Japan.

Over the ensuing years, MHCI developed “custom services” in its lumber processing and export shipping businesses such that an additional 100 million board feet of lumber may be resorted, regraded, trimmed, repackaged and/or shipped annually by MHCI on a custom service basis.

In 2005 MHCI added panelized manufacturing and construction capability to its domestic business and by 2008 supplied over 1000 units of residential construction in single-family, condominium and townhome projects throughout British Columbia. In these projects a combination of walls, floors and stairs were pre-manufactured in the factory prior to shipping to the construction site. This approach ensures the optimal use of fibre and, in all cases, improves the speed and quality of the construction process.

MHCI’s success emanates from its strict adherence to a Japanese Quality Management System; making MHCI industry-renowned for its attention to detail and accuracy on its lumber processing, transportation logistics and construction panelizing programs. With the introduction of the Golden Ears Bridge and the twinning of the Port Mann bridge, MHCI is ideally situated for efficiently accessing all of the Greater Vancouver area.





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